10 Benefits to Tznius

“One hiddur in the area of tznius is worth more than 1000 hiddurim in any other area of avodas Hashem.”
-Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt"l

Top 10 Rewards for Tznius!   


 1) Increased Wealth -  

 The Ari HaKodesh teaches that tznius results in wealth, as stated in the 

Zohar HaKadosh, “In the merit of tznius, her children’s stature will be 

elevated above all other people and her husband will be blessed 

with brachos from above and below, with riches, children, 

and grandchildren.”  (Daughters of Dignity, p 40). 


 2) Righteous Children -  

 Chazal give us a formula: A woman who is a tznua 

will merit children who are on the level of 

Kohanim Gedolim  [Tanchumos Bamidbar 3].  

(Daughters of Dignity, p 33). 


 3) Protection From All Types of Harm -  

 The Maharal explains that tznius, which is an act of concealment and 

protection, effects a middah kneged middah response from Hashem, 

that the person is concealed and protected from harm. 

Tznius also protects a woman’s husband and her family. 

 (Daughters of Dignity, p 37). 


 4) Increased Length of Life -  

 The Gemara says that most people die early due to ayin hara. 

A tznua merits special protection against ayin hara.  

(ibid, p 40).


 5) Increased Holiness & Closeness to Hashem-  

 Hashem says, “Be holy, for I am holy.” (Vayikra 19:2) 

How do we do that? Rashi gives us a concrete method: 

In every place where there exists a prevention of immorality,  

there exists holiness. Increasing holiness draws us closer to Hashem. 

(ibid, pg 8). 


 6) Increased Olam Habo - 

 A tznua merits the fulfillment of the passuk 

 “She is fortunate on this world and in the World-to-Come.”  [Avos 4:6]. 

(ibid, p 47).


 7) Elevation of Our Character So  We Won’t Stumble - 

 The Shelah HaKodosh states, “The purity of a person’s clothing effects 

a purity of his body, which effects a purity of his soul.” 

This purity elevates everything she is, and everything she does. 

(ibid, p 45). 


 8) Brachos in All Areas of Life -  

 R’ Shlomo Wolbe, zt’l’ states in his sefer Alei Shur, 

“The vehicle which transports blessings from the hidden world to our 

world is tznius.“ 

(ibid, p 33). 


 9) Fulfillment of A Woman’s Most Important Mitzvah - 

Tznius brings a woman to the highest level of spirituality.  

 The Chazon Ish, zt’l’ and the Vilna Goan, zt’l’ make an analogy: 

“What Torah learning  is for a man, tznius is for a woman.”  

 (ibid, p 16).


 10) Forgiveness for Sins -

  On the last Yom Kippur of his life, 

the Chofetz Chaim, zt’l’ stood up to speak about tznius for an hour. 

He said, “Whoever wants forgiveness for his sins,  

 whoever wants closeness to Hashem,  

 needs only one thing: tznius in his home.”  

 (ibid, p 8).